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Newbie Runner Stocking Up On Gear


Swedish summers are great for newbie runners; shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt is all you need and the daylight is there to guide you 20 hours a day. The Chicago winter turned out to be tougher. As you can imagine, my winter running wardrobe is not very well developed, as all my winter training up until now has been indoor, in a pool. Luckily, I have had a Craft jacket from high school when I was a part of Nyköpings Simgymnasium, to keep me warm (too warm).

Another thing I have noticed is that running gear is EXPENSIVE. A month ago, I bought ONE pair of socks for $15, but if you want to run marathons, one pair of socks is not going to get you very far. The past few months, I have tried to do my research on what is a must have and why, and let me tell you, it is a jungle out there. The only thing I have figured out is that there is no right or wrong, no best and worst; it’s all about trial and error.

Nine out of ten runs, I am overdressed, and I have also learned that my feet tend to get really warm while my thighs tend to come home deeply frozen. Balance seems to be another issue here. I usually wear regular running tights, I have invested in upper body base layers, I am in love with my multifunctional buffs, and I am running nowhere without my Garmin Forerunner 910 XT, but now, Santa has supported my mission with amazing additions to my running gear collection.

Dobsom R90 windproof jacket, will not only keep the wind away, it will also allow others to see me from miles away, because, unlike Swedish summers, the Chicago winters keep the sunlight away from 20 hours a day (just a little bit exaggerated). My sock drawer is now also pleasantly filled with different heights of Feetures and I received a Garmin heart monitor to pair with my watch. That will make workouts so much more fun to track! IMG_20171225_125937_700

I am starting to feel rightly equipped and I am more motivated than ever to get more miles in my legs. I am not running this race just to be able to say I completed it, I am running to make a difference for as many people as I can, including myself. I am going to run a race I will be proud of and I am going to make sure I finish knowing I did everything I could to be prepared.


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