Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail - Stage 1

  1. A New Experience.

    The whole purpose of Icebug Xperience Bohuslän is to show you that a race can be so much more than a race. In our world, a race is more than the blood, sweat and tears you produce between the start and finish line. Therefore, we invented a race that doesn’t end at the finish line. In fact, the finish line is just the start of something new.

    Welcome to Bohuslän.

    The first stage of Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail starts on the sea cliffs of Ramsvikslandet. On this stage you will run on the famous, slightly red-colored granite slabs for almost 8k, surrounded by the most stunning views Bohuslän has to offer. Everywhere are traces from the ancient ice sheet with giant kettles and ice slides.

    When you’ve passed the cliff sections on the island of Ramsvik, you will run over a bridge back to the mainland. Once back on the mainland, you will run beautiful single tracks passing mountains and forests before you reach Kungshamn and Smögen. The finish takes place on the famous pier in Smögen. Here awaits today’s lunch and perhaps a refreshing swim in the ocean.

    The stage contains approximately 404 meters vertical gain.

  2. Löpning
  3. 22 km
  4. 30 augusti 2019
  5. Icebug Xperience
  7. 20% grus, 60% terräng, 20% ospecificerat
  8. Ramsvik, Bohuslän, Annat, Sverige
  9. Erik, Göteborg
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1 Elin Wahlberg 2:40:00 7:16
2 Magnus Asplund 3:01:38 7:41
3 Stefan Höög 3:13:12 8:47