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Säljes: Reebok Ragnar Relay - Lake Mälaren (15.-16.6.2019)

26 april 2019 - 08:11
I have enrolled a team of 10 runners to Reebok Ragnar Relay - Lake Mälaren (15 - 16 June 2019) but due to injuries, pregnancies etc. we will not be able to participate. Therefore, I am selling our team enrollment (i.e. there is place for 10 runners in the team). I have yet to submit any information regarding our team to the arrangers and there is still time to change the team name and change/add team members.

I am selling the team enrollment for sek 9,500 (current price if you purchase via race's website is SEK 13,500).

For more information on the race, please visit Reebok Ragnar Relay - Lake Mälarens official website: https://www.runragnar.com/se/event-detail/relay/lake-malaren#overview

Send pm if interested. Det går bra att skriva på svenska.
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